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Vetiver African Black Soap

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Wonderfully mild and moisturizing, African black soap is still made using traditional methods in the villages of Ghana. Plantain leaves and bark from the local agow tree are collected and slowly burned to make an ash. Fruit from the native palm trees are then pressed by hand to extract virgin palm oil. These pure ingredients are mixed together in a large kettle that is heated and stirred. The result is authentic, natural black soap. Uncle Harry’s African Black Soap is enriched with healing shea butter and clarifying plant essences for all your personal hygiene needs. Zero chemicals, preservatives, color enhancers, or artificial fragrances are added. Vetiver essential oil adds a husky, woodsy aroma.

African black soap (virgin palm kernel oil, unrefined shea butter, potash produced from the ashes of plantain leaves, agow bark), castile soap (potassium cocoate, trace naturally occuring glycerin), reverse osmosis water, and natural essential oils of vetiver and cedarwood.

Gluten free and vegan.